Buyer agents (also known as property search agents or buying agents) are real estate experts who assist private individuals with the whole process of purchasing a property. In contrast to estate agents, buyer agents act fully independently and represent the interests of the buying party exclusively.

Buyers profit from our independent advice and critical property assessment. We optimise the purchase price specifically for our clients, whereby our remuneration model measures success rather than being based on the sale price of the property.

Furthermore, we have access to exclusive properties that have not yet been placed on the market; this way we are able to offer our clients so-called “off-market deals”.

The real estate market in Germany has strongly developed in the sellers' favour over recent years. As a consequence of this, we have been providing the buyer agent services – that are well established in USA and Great Britain – in Germany, too, since 2012 with JAMES & JAMES; the demand is growing constantly.

Who DO WE WORK for?

OUR Clients

A sophisticated clientele looking for special real estate in the premium sector is well advised to turn to JAMES & JAMES for support. Foreign investors can also rely on the negotiating skills and knowledge of a buyer's agent resident in Germany and familiar with the market.
Furthermore, our service is of benefit to clients who wish to find a suitable property while remaining anonymous, and for whom discreet customer care is of the highest importance. With us, you can rely on an individual service. Is your final decision to buy on hold because you cannot find independent advice? We would be happy to assist you.

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Trust and discretion are our top priorities. Which is why we recommend enlisting the help of JAMES & JAMES in your real estate search right from the outset. This will ensure that your interests are protected from the very start.

We will go examine your requirements in the finest of detail in order to find the perfect property for you. When compiling suitable offers we will do everything to make sure that they meet your exacting requirements.
Depending on your needs we can provide a comprehensive service covering all the processes associated with the purchase. These include, for instance, the monitoring of renovation work, the selection of a property management agency and all the official paperwork. In this way, JAMES & JAMES will remain your central point of contact at all times

You can rely on our experience, professionalism and knowledge of the market - we will do our utmost best for you!

What you CAN RELY ON


With JAMES & JAMES as your buyer’s agent, you have at your side a trusted partner who will represent your interests in all situations.

We would be happy to have the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you in person in order to persuade you of the benefits of working with JAMES & JAMES, Germany’s first buyer’s agents. You can make an appointment here for an initial non-binding assessment or call us directly. We will also be only too happy to come to you.

Working with us has clear advantages:
  • Vendor-independent consulting with a focus on your individual requirements profile
  • Critical examination of properties in respect of your personal needs
  • Targeted purchase price optimisation and a fair remuneration model
  • A central point of contact with extensive knowledge of the market in Hamburg and Northern Germany


BENEFITS FOR estate agents

A collaboration with JAMES & JAMES is also an attractive option for estate agents. We will not waste your time with frivolous enquiries, we will make you fair offers and we represent moneyed clients. We know our customers.

Have you been commissioned with the discreet sale of a premium property? Please feel free to talk to us.
We work with renowned estate agents and guarantee professional process management. We pursue the goal of long-term trust-based collaboration for the sake of everyone involved in a sale process.

Are you looking for a discreet